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A Trump Official Just Resigned Over Controversial Insults Towards Obama’s Mother

A Trump Official Just Resigned Over Controversial Insults Towards Obama’s Mother

Yet another top Trump official has been forced to resign in disgrace – this time after being caught in a humiliating lie. 

William Bradford, the director of the Energy Department’s Office of Indian Energy, recently found himself in very hot water for online comments in which he called President Obama’s mother a “fourth rate p&*n actress and w@!re,” in addition to calling him a “Kenyan creampuff.”

Bradford also questioned whether or not Obama’s birth certificate was real, writing in one comment that “The ‘birth certificate’ released online 5 years ago is an obvious fake, and every intellectually honest person knows that. It was probably created to cover up the fact that his mother, Stanley Dunham, had an affair with Frank Davis and tried to fool Obama Sr by having the baby in Kenya.”

When these heinous comments were unearthed by CNN’s KFILE, Bradford went to the standard “I was hacked!” defense, claiming that “cyber attacks and Internet crimes” were responsible for the comments.

Calling his bluff, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) sent letters to the Energy Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation asking them to look into the “cyber attacks and internet crimes” that led to these comments being made.

Faced with the prospect of being exposed as a liar, Bradford opted to resign before the scandal grew even bigger.

So falls yet another member of the Trump administration in ignominious fashion, hoisted by his own racist petard. It’s astonishing how many reprehensible people have come and gone in just six months – and Bradford is certainly not going to be the last.

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