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The Author Of ‘Art Of The Deal’ Just Called BS On Trump’s Harvey ‘Donation’

The Author Of ‘Art Of The Deal’ Just Called BS On Trump’s Harvey ‘Donation’

Bowing to public pressure and media inquiries, President Trump announced yesterday that he will personally be donating $1 million to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

He joins the ranks of celebrities like Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio who have donated millions of dollars without having to be publicly shamed into doing it.

But the ghostwriter who definitely wrote the vast majority of Trump’s “book,” the Art of the Deal, doesn’t believe Trump is actually going to go through with it.

Having worked with Trump for many years, he knows firsthand what kind of a man the President actually is – and has seen his astonishing selfishness first-hand.

Judging from Trump’s questionable past with charitable giving, it’s highly likely that Schwartz is right.

The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold won a Pulitzer Prize for tracking down Trump’s “charitable” donations– and found that he goes out of his way to avoid actually parting with any of his own money, preferring to give out other people’s money instead.

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In fact, the Trump Foundation has lost its license to operate as a charity in the state of New York due to Trump’s fondness for disguising his money-laundering and tax evasion as generous philanthropy.

So judging from Trump’s shady past, it’s not too unfair to assume that the President is once again lying through his teeth.

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