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The Chief Of Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel Just Admitted He’s Paid By America’s Top Alt-Right Website

The Chief Of Trump’s ‘Voter Fraud’ Panel Just Admitted He’s Paid By America’s Top Alt-Right Website

The man who is in charge of President Trump’s voter suppression efforts just admitted that he is on the payroll of America’s biggest alt-right “news” website, Breitbart, at the same time that he’s gathering millions of records about American voters in his official witch hunt for the President.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has access to a vast trove of national voter data in his role as the Trump Administration’s “voter fraud” czar.

Now that Breitbart News is paying him, presumably, he’s their primary official link to gain preferred access to information about the American electorate. The KC Star reports:

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is now a regular columnist on the far-right news site run by President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist.

Kobach, who also is running a private-sector law firm on top of his duties as secretary of state and serving on a presidential commission, said he writes his columns in his spare time — usually after dinner — and they do not interfere with his official duties.

Kris Kobach’s newest job is all the more disturbing because of Breitbart and its executive chairman Steve Bannon’s links to the mysterious big data company Cambridge Analytica (CA). CA is owned by reclusive billionaire Robert Mercer who was a major Trump backer, and Bannon has sat on its Board of Directors.

Coincidentally, Mercer also owns Breitbart News, which was denied permanent White House press passes while Bannon held a senior position at the White House, because of its opaque ownership structure and murky ties to politically charged non-profit groups.

Kris Kobach last made the news when a federal judge in Kansas fined him for being in contempt of court. His “fraud commission” about voting is the subject of no less than seven federal lawsuits accusing he and it of voter suppression.

Now, Kobach is collecting checks from Steve Bannon’s “fucking machine” and there are few barriers between the Republican party’s voter suppression expert, a treasure trove of American voter data, and the most widely read racist media outlet in America.

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