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Trumpers Say Black Lives Matter Blocked Harvey Aid, But There Is A Problem

Trumpers Say Black Lives Matter Blocked Harvey Aid, But There Is A Problem

A photograph of protestors forming a human chain across a major highway has gone viral over the last couple of days.  It’s appeared on multiple far-right and alt-right websites and social media feeds, usually accompanied with a caption that reads something like, “Black Lives Matter blocks hurricane Harvey rescue effort to protest Trump.”

There’s just one problem.  The photo is from 2015, and it was taken at a protest in Boston.

None of this has stopped prominent Conservative websites and social media pages from sharing and retweeting the phony story.

According to Buzzfeed, even after it’s been exposed as a hoax, the photo is still featured prominently on posts promoting articles targeting protesters, but it’s been removed from most pages where those articles appear.  But even those articles are incredibly misleading:

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“People who click through are presented with an article that reports on a real protest from members of the Texas Young Democrats. They held signs and protested President Trump when he arrived in Austin to show support for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. “

Houston-based Black Lives Matter activists, meanwhile, have been actively participating in the recovery effort.  Don’t expect to that reported on reported on the right wing media, however.

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