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U.S. Attorney Trump Fired Just Said Latest Move By Trump’s Lawyers Points Toward Guilt

U.S. Attorney Trump Fired Just Said Latest Move By Trump’s Lawyers Points Toward Guilt

Resignations and firings have decimated the White House so completely that little more than a skeleton crew of sycophants and incompetents remains. In the end, it will be Trump sweating alone in the Oval Office, until even he is kicked to the curb, either through an ignominious resignation or impeachment. It seems clear that the Trump team is more worried that the latter will occur.

Over the past few months, Trump’s attorneys have sent memos to, and met with, Robert Mueller and his special investigators in an attempt to make the argument that Trump’s firing of former FBI Director James Comey did not constitute obstruction of justice — even though Trump himself admitted that he removed Comey to make the FBI’s Russia investigation go away, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Trump’s attorneys tried to call Comey an “unsuitable witness” who is “prone to exaggeration, unreliable in congressional testimony and the source of leaks to the news media.” The comments seem like a desperate, pathetic attempt to defend an obviously guilty Trump.

Now, Preet Bharara — who Trump fired from his role as a U.S Attorney for New York— has responded to the damning Journal article. He believes that Trump’s attorneys wouldn’t waste their time with all these memos and meetings unless they were deeply worried about the possibility that Trump did indeed commit obstruction of justice.

Joyce White Vance, a law professor at the University of Alabama and the former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama under Obama, responded to Bharara’s tweet:

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To which Bharara responded:

In other words, the Trump team is conducting itself as if their leader is a guilty man. When Robert Mueller ends up revealing his findings, it’s very likely that the country will be shaken to its core. Hopefully, this is the beginning of the end for the worst presidency in American history.

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