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Mike Pence Just Got Caught Helping Trump Cover Up His Obstruction of Justice In Russia Probe

Mike Pence Just Got Caught Helping Trump Cover Up His Obstruction of Justice In Russia Probe

With the fresh revelation of an early draft of a letter outlining President Trump’s reasons for firing James Comey as Director of the FBI, new attention is being focused on Vice-President Pence’s contemporaneous statements about the firing.

As reported today in The New York Times, special prosecutor Robert Mueller has gotten a hold of a copy of a memo drafted by Trump and his alt-right sidekick Stephen Miller outlining the reasons for firing Comey. The original draft was never released due to the strong objections from White House counsel Donald F. McGahn II who The Times reports:

“believed that its angry, meandering tone was problematic, according to interviews with a dozen administration officials and others briefed on the matter. Among Mr. McGahn’s concerns were references to private conversations the president had with Mr. Comey, including times when the F.B.I. director told Mr. Trump he was not under investigation in the F.B.I.’s continuing Russia inquiry.”

Instead, a copy of the memo made its way to the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, who was overseeing the Russia investigation at the time due to the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Rosenstein drafted his own letter giving Comey’s mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation as the reason for the firing.

Of course, Trump promptly went on NBC and gave the real reason for firing Comey: the Russia investigation.

So where does Pence fit into all of this? Well, here’s what Maggie Haberman, one of the authors of the Times article, tweeted about it today:

Joshua Block, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, pointed out exactly what’s so problematic with this revelation.

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So anyone who still thinks that Pence is the straight, sensible, sane alternative to the larcenous, deranged lunacy of Trump, be aware that that placid exterior hides a soul as corrupted and complicit as anyone else in this administration from hell. Whether the president eventually resigns or whether he is hounded out of office by a Congress so frustrated with his outrageous behavior that they either impeach him or invoke the 25th amendment, it should be clear by this point that Pence is not an unsullied alternative.

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