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Trump Just Told Texans Who Lost Everything To ‘Have A Good Time, Everybody!’

Trump Just Told Texans Who Lost Everything To ‘Have A Good Time, Everybody!’

President Trump just stunned the nation once again with his inability to recognize the severity of the situation at hand, showing a callous disregard for the losses of those around him and failing to show leadership once again.

During his remarks at a Houston relief shelter this morning, Donald Trump “There’s a lot of water, but it’s leaving pretty quickly, but there’s a lot of water. It’s been really nice, it’s been a wonderful thing… as tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing I think even for the country to watch and the world to watch, it’s been beautiful.”

What words should the President of the United States use to end his visit to a relief center, surrounded by people who have lost everything to the uncaring wrath of nature?

Perhaps “stay strong?”

Perhaps “together, we shall overcome?”

Perhaps some words of reassurance to these people that everything will be ok?

Not for Donald Trump, who decided to go with “have a good time.”

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No matter how many times he pulls stunts like this, it never gets less infuriating. He has no conception of the struggle facing the people of Houston, instead focusing on his own enjoyment of meeting regular folks, getting his picture taken, and having people call him “Mister President.”

Trump is definitely the only one having a good time today.

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