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Trump Bashed The Media During A Harvey Presser. A Rescue Reporter’s Response Is Epic

Trump Bashed The Media During A Harvey Presser. A Rescue Reporter’s Response Is Epic

During Trump’s “do-over” tour in Texas – after he failed to meet with even one flood victim the first time around – the President took the first opportunity he had to castigate the media. Speaking with the U.S. Coast Guard, Trump admonished the press for “not going into winds” that the military went into.

“[The media] will not go into those winds. Unless it’s a really good story, in which case they will.”

Andy Campbell, a Senior Reporter for HuffPost and one of the many reporters who was with the Coast Guard during their rescue missions, struck back at Trump in a series of tweets that have quickly gone viral.

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Not only does Trump overlook the fact that it is not the media’s job to save people from a hurricane, but Campbell points out the fact that the media was actually present alongside the Coast Guard during the dangerous missions about which the President spoke. In Trump’s blatant, baseless and desperate attempt to frame the media as the “enemy,” he exposes not only his bias but unwittingly puts their heroic actions in the spotlight.

On numerous occasions, because members of the media were on the ground reporting in Texas, they were able to save lives. Many of those moments were caught on camera.

The President, meanwhile, who initially thought that consulting a map of the damaged area was sufficient for his visit to hurricane-ravaged Texas, was busy staging photo-ops to prove to the country how vital he is to the relief effort.

While our Commander-in-Chief – who sought five deferments to dodge the Vietnam War – continues to criticize the members of the media, who have both “gone into the winds” and saved Americans lives, perhaps he should consider sticking to what he knows best: slowly loading one package of water at a time into trucks while his photographer snaps photos for him to use on social media. From Andy Campbell’s mouth to Trump’s ears: “You did great bud.”

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