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Here’s How Ivanka Trump Spent Her Labor Day Morning

Here’s How Ivanka Trump Spent Her Labor Day Morning

How would you suppose First Daughter Ivanka Trump is spending her Labor Day?

There’s a wide variety of productive things she could do today.

She could be out marching with working women demanding equal wages for women, expanded maternity leave, and family-friendly scheduling.

She could spend it on the phone with Chinese government officials demanding closer oversight of the appalling labor conditions in the sweatshops which churn out her brand of luxury shoes and accessories.

She could spend it trying to convince her father to not end the DACA policy, protecting the legal status of nearly a million productive members of American society.

Unfortunately, a POLITICO reporter noted that Ivanka was too busy attending to some more personal business.

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Ivanka hasn’t even bothered to send out a cursory and insincere Labor Day tweet like her father did – instead, the last post on her Twitter is about “tax reform,” which her father has made very clear is code for “tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by the poor.”

The day upon which we celebrate American workers and their tireless labors would be the perfect opportunity for the Trump family to show some solidarity – but instead, it’s just another reminder about how the Trumps stand for everything that is wrong with American society.

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