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Pres. Clinton’s CIA Director Just Issued A Chilling Warning About Trump’s North Korean Aggression

Pres. Clinton’s CIA Director Just Issued A Chilling Warning About Trump’s North Korean Aggression

As North Korea continues to flex their muscles with missile tests, the world watches in fear as to how the United States, now led by the impulsive and terrifyingly ignorant Donald Trump, might be responding.

President Clinton’s CIA director, James Woolsey, summed up those fears in an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan, referencing Trump’s Twitter habit as a potential spark to a fire we won’t be able to put out.

Bolduan described the threat we face in no uncertain terms:

“You’ve got Kim Jong-un saying that they’re — you got South Korea saying Kim Jong-un is preparing for another missile launch maybe later this week. You got President Trump firing off on Twitter and throwing out those threats, some of them many folks think are empty threats especially when you’re talking about China. How great is the chance, the risk, the threat, for a miscalculation on either side right now?”

Woolsey responded with an equally somber and disturbing assessment of the President of the United States’ ability to handle a major international incident:

“I’m afraid it’s rather substantial. This is the most worrisome international situation I can remember from during the Cold War.

I think we’ve got to be really careful here and make sure that if a decision is made to use force, especially, or do anything very definitive, that it’s made with the president in consultation with the national security council staff and members sitting around talking about options, looking at this, looking at that.

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What we don’t need is an impetuous tweet that says, ‘okay, here’s what we’re going do.’ We need care and precision and time and what we did not have, by the way, during the Tonkin Gulf Resolution that took us into the Vietnam war in ’62.

It’s been barely six months into President Trump’s first term and we’re already at our second nuclear crisis that appears to tilting towards armed confrontation. We need a president with a cool head and a firm grasp of the situation – and Trump has none of those things.

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