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An Influential Pastor Just Called Republicans ‘White American Dream Hoarders’ In Blistering Op-Ed

An Influential Pastor Just Called Republicans ‘White American Dream Hoarders’ In Blistering Op-Ed

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In the aftermath of Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with a 6-month delay, John Pavlovitz, a 20-year ministry veteran and author, issued a blistering response to Trump and his party, whom he labels “white American Dream Hoarders.”

Pavlovitz illustrates what America used to represent for those who showed up on her shores.

The American Dream was once a thing. It once meant something. It was a declaration of possibility; the idea that this place was supposed to be refuge, rest, and level ground for a weary humanity not used to such things.

He goes on to explain, on the heels of Trump’s draconian decision, what the American dream has devolved into.

But the tempest-tossed no longer find sanctuary from the storm here.
The huddled masses get few deep, uncontested breaths of freedom.
The dreamers are daily roused violently from their sleep.

Pavlovitz is clear in his condemnation of Trump, as well as those who encourage his vile behavior.

The tragedy of this latest assault on a marginalized community by our Government, is that it all feels so commonplace. It feels like just another day in Donald Trump’s cruel, callous, malevolent America. It now seems so congruent with the American Evangelical Church that justifies and amens his every atrocity.

But most importantly, the acclaimed author issues a call to action embracing the ideals that this country used to stand for—and will again, one day.

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We know that just as yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, we’re going to fight the American Dream Hoarders—and we’re going to do it until they no longer have the power to force their nightmares upon those who wish to dream; who want to give and build and love and worship and contribute here.

We’re going to stand with the hurting and the vulnerable and the silenced ones, because that is what Americans are supposed to do.

With our life, our liberty, our happiness none of which has never been in question—we’re supposed to defend other people’s dreams. 

Read the entire op-ed here.

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