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A Minister Who Blessed Trump Inauguration Just Issued A Dire Warning To Him & Republicans

A Minister Who Blessed Trump Inauguration Just Issued A Dire Warning To Him & Republicans

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A Hispanic Christian minister and community leader who stood with Donald Trump at his inauguration and provided a prayer for his success has blasted the president for his reversal on the DREAMERs program put in place by President Obama. 

The Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, who is also president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which bills itself as the largest Latino Christian organization in America, now says that Trump lied to him back in January.  

At the time he said in an interview on CNN he accepted Trump’s invitation because the president had a “change of tone” about the DREAMERs program, and promised a solution that would satisfy all involved.

Instead, as we now know, the president lied about his plans and his real goal, which is to eliminate the Dreamer’s program as it was created by President Obama.

In a statement today, Rodriguez blasted the president and Congress for not protecting the Dreamers and keeping their promises.  He said that for too long Hispanic people have been “political bargaining chips of our powerful politicians.”

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“This is an affront to the sanctity of life,” he wrote in his statement. “It is inhuman and the Hispanic community will stand for it no longer.”

Rodriguez said, “Hundreds of thousands of Hispanic young people will be overcome with fear and grief today.”

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He said they are no longer going to sit idly by and be played.

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“Simultaneously,” he added, “a multi-ethnic coalition of tens of millions of law abiding, U.S. citizen will begin to put unrelenting pressure on members of Congress to provide a permanent solution for Dreamers, whose fate is in question by no fault of their own.

He then used his statement to turn his anger not only at those responsible but at everyone in Washington.

“We will not distinguish between Republicans and Democrats,” he wrote, “but between those who stand for righteousness and justice and those who do not.”

Rodriguez was played by Trump in January and may be setting himself up to be played again by a Congress full of those willing to make false promises for short term gain. If he plans to determine who is a liar and who tells the truth by how they vote on a bill to restore the DREAMERs rights, he may still find it difficult to sort out who to believe.

As a man of faith, a town where Trump reigns is not likely to ever provide a true path to the righteous, and Hispanics still have a lot of work to do to change that.

His efforts cannot just be in D.C. but must be in organizing Hispanics all over the U.S., and getting them out to vote as a bloc in each election, for candidates who really will keep their faith with them. 

Rodriguez was willing to let Trump seduce him in January, and without huge amounts of money, tremendous organizations, sustained efforts and a better sense of who is telling the truth, he might well be played again.

That is the danger in the age of Trump. The president is a politicians who will say anything to get what he wants, even when it seems to be outside his own self-interest, but who in the end will revert to form as a racist, greedy capitalist who is out to help his friends, line his own pockets and protect his own butt in the next battle, fight or election. 

So the Reverend will need a lot more than prayer and passion. DC will only listen when he shows the politicians he can cost them an election if they don’t do as he wants.






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