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Trump Just Ended DACA. Stephen King’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Ended DACA. Stephen King’s Response Is Perfect

Trump’s announcement today that he intends to betray 800,000 immigrants by revoking DACA and putting them at risk for deportation is one of the vilest things our bigoted president has done to date. He will be heartlessly breaking a promise that this country made to children, and it’s all so he can strengthen his support amongst xenophobes. It’s a nihilistic, cruel thing to do to people who have lived in the United States their entire lives.

Now, popular novelist Stephen King – who was previously blocked on Twitter by Trump for criticising him – has taken to Twitter to slam the reality television star’s latest attack on minorities.

King makes a salient point about Trump, in that he seems pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for any of his actions or failures as a human being and as a leader. He conducts himself like a petulant child, with a degree of entitlement unparalleled in the history of the American presidency.

In the past, he has repeatedly blamed China for numerous ills within the United States, rather than actually grapple with the underlying causes and formulate real solutions. It’s a favorite bugaboo of his, and he constantly wields it like a blunt instrument to rile up his supporters.

Likewise, Trump decision to unceremoniously end DACA, while offering no path forward for the DREAMers, is a stunning failure of leadership. He’s punted the responsibility to Congress, who now have six months to act in order to put protections in place for hundreds of thousands of hardworking, taxpaying, noncitizen Americans.

Trump’s presidency is a constant string of weak decisions and moral failings, and he deserves every bit of Stephen King’s biting criticism.

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