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Breitbart Just Smeared DREAMers As Gang Members, But There’s A Problem

Breitbart Just Smeared DREAMers As Gang Members, But There’s A Problem

Trump kicked his white nationalist agenda into high gear this week with the announcement that he would be ending DACA, leaving over 800,000 immigrants — all of whom arrived here as children — vulnerable to deportation.

These are noncriminal, taxpaying, contributing members of society, some of the best America has to offer. Attacking them serves no other purpose than to rile up Trump’s bigoted, xenophobic base. It’s a vile betrayal of the promise our government made to these children.

Now, Breitbart — the alt-right propaganda apparatus run by former White House Chief Strategist for Donald Trump — is helping to sell Trump’s latest racist gambit.

In a disgusting, misleading move, Breitbart ran an article on DACA recipients, but used an image of members of the violent street gang MS-13, playing to the white, anti-immigrant, fear-mongering nature of many of its readers. Trump has repeatedly attacked MS-13 in his speeches.

They later removed and replaced the featured image, but the damage had already been done. Doubtlessly, numerous readers of the article now associate innocent DACA immigrants with gang violence, exactly the kind of misconception that Breitbart actively cultivates.

ThinkProgress points out that although the Breitbart article focuses on the 2,139 DACA recipients who have been expelled from the program for crimes, there are over 800,000 immigrants protected under DACA. In other words, only 0.3% have engaged in criminal behavior, a stunningly low statistic.

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