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A Pastor Just Went Viral Exposing Trump’s Fake Christianity

A Pastor Just Went Viral Exposing Trump’s Fake Christianity

During the 2016 election evangelicals showed up en masse at the polls to vote for Donald J. Trump, a man who they claimed represented their Christian values despite the fact that he is an avowed sexual predator, an overt xenophobe, and entrenched misogynist. They voted Republican by contorting themselves and jumping through hoops to mentally justify their decision.

Now, pastor John Pavlovitz has penned a scathing letter to so-called Christian leaders still supporting our immoral, ignorant president. In it, he criticizes them for supporting Trump from their pulpits and for driving their congregations to help Trump win the White House.

Pavlovitz challenges them to provide evidence that Trump is actually Christian, before going on to provide a sarcastic list of such evidence.



Pavlovitz then shifts gears and drops the sarcasm to reveal what he really thinks.


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Any reasonable person can look at Trump and see that he is utterly devoid of moral character, and is nothing more than a hateful charlatan. He has draped himself in fake piety in order to sway voters, but it’s nothing more than transparent pandering.

Read the full letter here.

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