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Republicans In Congress Just Made It Easier For Pres. Trump To Profit Off Taxpayers

Republicans In Congress Just Made It Easier For Pres. Trump To Profit Off Taxpayers

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A growing number of Republicans may be upset with Donald Trump’s policies, his family’s activities, and his tangled business interests but that doesn’t mean they are going to do anything about any of it.

In fact, Republican’s who control the House of Representatives today moved to kill a number of bills proposed by Democrats that would stop any tax payer funds from being spent at businesses owned by Trump, his company or his family members. 

A bill by Rep. Adam Schiff of California would have prohibited the Secret Service from spending any money at Trump owned properties. The Secret Service last week revealed that the cost of guarding Trump and his family had blown their whole budget for the year in a matter of months.

Several of the bills, including one from activist California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu, were designed to ensure the president did not personally profit from his position in the federal government.

The Republican members of the House Rules Committee, which decides which bills and amendments to pending legislation actually make it onto the full House floor for a vote, systematically eliminated every bill by a Democrat that might have embarrassed Trump. 

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This wasn’t the first time either. The Republicans have previously prevented votes on amendments to a national security spending package in July that would have limited Trump and caused him embarrassment.

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“It is shameful that Republicans are allowing Trump to profit off the Presidency,” Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee said in a statement, according to The Hill. “History will look back on the President’s actions as a brazen violation of our Constitution.”

The House Rules Committee also shot down efforts to get a vote on amendments by Democrats and at least one centrist Republican to save DACA, the DREAMERs program that shields about 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation which Trump wants to end.

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There were also bills by Rep. Schiff and others to stop the Trump administration from deporting any of the DACA DREAMERs which were killed by the Rules Committee.

As they have since he took office, the Republicans continue to protect Trump and his family from efforts, mainly by Democrats, to stop his excesses in spending and in policy areas. 

The Republicans continue to protect Trump from being embarrassed, not only for the president’s sake but to protect their own party, with which he is so closely entwined.

The idea of approaching their elected office as a public service and acting for the good of all Americans is no longer on the Republican agenda. As they did to President Obama, all of their moves are calculated for political purposes and to maintain party discipline.

The joke is that you can hide Trump’s terrible policies, excessive spending and lies to a degree, but the American people according to the polls see what is going on. 

Now it is up to Democrats to capitalize on that in their fundraising and in the November 2018 election, when the ultimate revenge for Trump’s bad behavior and outrageously terrible policies will be to retake the House.



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