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Trump Just Gave A Stunningly Inarticulate Warning About Hurricane Irma

Trump Just Gave A Stunningly Inarticulate Warning About Hurricane Irma

As America reels from the devastation inflicted on Texas and Louisiana by Hurricane Harvey — a historic disaster which could end up costing as much as $180 billion — the country looks to the southeast, where Hurricane Irma is gaining strength in the Caribbean, locked into a potential crash course with Florida.

Americans are understandably worried about the possibility of another natural disaster so soon after the destruction wrought by Harvey. In times like this, the country needs strong leadership to guide them, and assure them that even if the worse does occur there will be a path forward. Not surprisingly, Trump isn’t up to the task.

In his usual inane fashion, Trump gave some rambling comments about Irma. The inarticulate ignoramus said, “it looks like it could be something that will be not good.” The stunning understatement completely fails to mention that Irma is already a Category 5 hurricane, and is being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

While they certainly aren’t his worst comments to date — far from it — they do once again reinforce just how woefully unequipped our reality television star president is to lead the country. He is habitually incapable of projecting intelligence or competence, and at moments like this one can’t help but miss President Obama and his steady hand.

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