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Trump Just Got Uninvited Guests At His Hotel In Washington D.C.

Trump Just Got Uninvited Guests At His Hotel In Washington D.C.

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Trump’s announcement yesterday that he would be ending DACA — which shields some 800,000 immigrants who have lived in the United States since birth from being deported — came as a stunning betrayal of some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Criticism has poured in from both the left and the right. There is no way to interpret Trump’s move as anything other than red meat for his bigoted base. Those protected under DACA pay taxes, many are well-educated, and overall have very low rates of criminality. In other words, deporting them would be terrible for the economy, in addition to being a morally monstrous decision.

Now is the time for every patriotic American to stand up and protest. One group in particular set a great example of resistance today. Activists gathered inside Trump International Hotel to protest Trump’s DACA decision, reports Jeff Stein of Vox.

The older, balding white man responding “lock them up” is a perfect example of exactly the kind of ignorance Trump is hoping to appeal to with his xenophobic gambit. The protestors people showed up to peacefully demonstrate and were met with calls for imprisonment. The man’s statement is fundamentally Un-American and truly inexcusable.

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The police eventually forced the activists out of the hotel.

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At which point they continued their protests outside.

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Some of the Trump guards were allegedly very threatening and aggressive.

Protests like this need to become more common. They send Trump a clear message that Americans won’t simply stand by and watch as he undermines the national values that define who we are.

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