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Trump’s Voter Commission Just Got Caught in A Hypocritical Email Scandal

Trump’s Voter Commission Just Got Caught in A Hypocritical Email Scandal

Trump invited Russia on-camera to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.  Now, the team he appointed to root out supposed “voter fraud” appears to be conducting some of their government business on a private email server, according to a report from ThinkProgress today.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission is led by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who famously said, “We may never know” if Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote.

Trump appointed the commission purportedly to get to the bottom of those bogus “3 million illegal votes” in California, but has incurred Democratic seven lawsuits  for voter suppression.

The number one fear of the commission’s opponents has been that they are demanding voter records in order to purge the rolls of likely Democratic voters.

Voter fraud is almost non-existent in the U.S., while voter suppression is a rampant danger to our democracy.

The fact that the members of the commission have been using private emails to conduct some of their official work is troubling because it suggests they have something to hide.

Unfortunately, President of the Lawyers’ Committee Kristen Clarke and her team were unable to get a judge to release the emails and pertinent documents back in July.

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But yesterday, they filed a new suit which will hopefully succeed in shedding light on the Voter Fraud Commission’s motives and tactics.

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