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A Man Just Pulled A Gun At A Miami Gas Station During Hurricane Irma Panic

A Man Just Pulled A Gun At A Miami Gas Station During Hurricane Irma Panic

As the citizens of Miami stock up on necessities before Hurricane Irma makes landfall this weekend, stressful situations are certain to occur. Perhaps none, however, were as traumatic as a Miami man pulling a gun at a gas station during a rush to purchase fuel.

At a Mobil station at Coral Way and SW 32nd Avenue, an unidentified man took out a gun and pointed it at a driver in an apparent dispute over gas.

The dispute didn’t last long; the driver, apparently realizing his mistake, quickly got into his car and sped away.

A witness named Melanie explained, “I saw that guy pulling his gun out on the other driver. They were fighting over some gas! The guy was mad and impulsive and pulled out the gun, immediately regretting it afterwards. He drove away speeding.”

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, there haven’t been many incidents in advance of the storm.

“We haven’t had any reports of fights or any serious trouble at all,” says Det. Argemis Colome, a spokesperson for Miami-Dade Police.

While Republicans continue to vehemently defend putting guns in the hands of anyone who wants one, this video is a chilling reminder of the danger of indiscriminately arming those who should not be.

As the city prepares for Hurricane Irma to make landfall, here’s to hoping the people of Miami band together and brave what is certain to be a trying storm.

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