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Anderson Cooper Just Made A Great Point About Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, And Republicans

Anderson Cooper Just Made A Great Point About Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, And Republicans

Ivanka Trump, who lacks the moral conviction or courage to hold even the lowest elected office, has been given free range of the White House, buoyed to power by her father’s sniveling nepotism. She has no credentials that qualify her to be an advisor to the president, other than the fact that she shares the same twisted DNA as the reality-television star currently enshrined behind the Resolute desk.

Trump has tried to sell her as a capable member of his team, but Americans can see right through the ruse. CNN commentator Kirsten Powers just appeared on Anderson Cooper’s show and shredded the idea that Ivanka is “impressive.” She made her comments during a discussion of reports that Ivanka interrupted a meeting between President Trump and Republican leaders.

“The abnormal becomes normal after a time,” Anderson Cooper weighed in. “If again, I go back to if this was Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton just decided to pop into a meeting to talk about an issue that was important, I’m not sure  Republicans would be greeting this like ‘oh yeah that’s just normal.”

“Well, I don’t think it is normal,” Powers responded. “I think, you know, this is something that she’s actually done repeatedly. She’s come into other meetings that the president is having. I don’t know if he realizes that this actually isn’t impressive to people.”



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Cooper’s point, about the double-standard that Republicans apply to Trump, giving enormous slack for his unpresidential, unprofessional behavior that they would never extend to Clinton is insightful. Republicans are willing to hold their noses and suffer through his inane, ineffective nepotism in the hopes that they’ll be able to forward their regressive conservative agenda.

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