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A Genealogist Just Ruined Tomi Lahren’s Week With Bad News About Her Ancestry

A Genealogist Just Ruined Tomi Lahren’s Week With Bad News About Her Ancestry

Trump’s announcement earlier this week that he would be ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has become something of a litmus test for moral character. Those who support the decision are exhibiting at least latent strains of xenophobia. Not surprisingly, many of the more outspoken members of the far-right have failed the test abysmally.

Tomi Lahren — previously of The Blaze until her recent firing and current commentator for FOX — rushed to defend Trump’s racist measures.

As usual, Lahren is being intentionally misleading in order to defend a morally indefensible position. DACA recipients are not eligible to receive any social services, and they are tax paying, noncriminal, contributing members of society. Most importantly, they were brought here as children by their parents, and know no other home than the United States.

Now, Jennifer Mendelsohn of Wonkette has given Lahren some surprising news. Mendelsohn dug into Lahren’s genealogy to see at which point the anti-immigrant pundit’s immigrant ancestors arrived in the United States. 

“I was curious how long it would take me to hit an immigrant if I dug into the tree of Tomi Lahren, the platinum blonde, snowflake-hating ultra-conservative firebrand recently hired by Fox News. The answer was ‘not long,’ but I never expected to hit pay dirt quite like I did,” writes Mendelsohn.

Lahren’s Great-great-grandfather, Constantine Dietrich, was accused of forging naturalization documents and tried before a grand jury in 1917. He was also indicted for “willfully, unlawfully and knowingly” giving a false affidavit during naturalization proceedings. The jury ultimately decided to acquit Dietrich, and he was permitted to remain in the country rather than being deported to his native Russia.

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Mendelsohn ends her article by explaining her intentions.

“I bring this to light not to shame or embarrass Tomi Lahren. Poke any family tree and you’ll often find similar irregularities. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Constantin Dietrich was a bad person or a scorn-worthy “illegal” to be demonized. Perhaps it only means that like millions of others, his overweening desire to become a US citizen may have caused him to try to cut a corner or two. It means he may have been a good man who made a bad decision under pressure. It means you’d hope his great-great-granddaughter would have empathy for the plight of immigrants rather than try to pull up the ladder behind her.”

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