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Kamala Harris Just Put Trump On Notice About Possible Russia Testimony

Kamala Harris Just Put Trump On Notice About Possible Russia Testimony

In an interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber this evening, Senator Kamala Harris of California said it is entirely possible that Trump will be called to testify before the Senate.

When Melber asked her if testimony from the president was off the table in light of Donald Trump Jr.’s private interview with the Senate today, Senator Harris replied simply, “No.”

On being pressed as to what it would take for such a testimony to occur, Harris’ response was, “We’ll see where the facts take us.”

Earlier in the interview she made the point that if someone — namely Trump — does not acknowledge that Russian interference occurred, he will not do enough to prevent it from happening again.

Kamala Harris is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which has been investigating collusion between Russia, Trump, members of his family, his campaign, and his inner circle, as well as Trump’s obstruction of that investigation.

The Senate cannot bring criminal charges against the president.  That’s the purview of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  However, the Senate can try the impeachment of the president, if the House brings articles of impeachment.

In other words, Senator Harris is hinting at the possibility that new revelations may be emerging from the testimonies of Donald Jr. and others that could implicate President Trump in the Russia investigation.

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Kamala Harris brings with her a tough prosecutorial background as California’s Attorney General.  If she sees enough evidence for Trump to testify, the president should be very afraid.


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