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Look What Just Showed Up In The Former Capital Of The Confederacy

Look What Just Showed Up In The Former Capital Of The Confederacy

The activist group behind the infamous “Naked Trump” statues that appeared in cities throughout the nation during the election are back with their next stunt – and it’s bound to cause controversy.

Police were forced to close Joseph Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia, after discovering trees were filled with the lynched effigies.

But this time, the bodies who hung from the trees were those of clowns dressed in the traditional robes of the Ku Klux Klan, the white supremacist terror group which murdered thousands of black Americans by lynching following the Civil War and is today enjoying a terrifying resurgence.

The activists chose the park because it is in the heart of what was the Confederacy’s capital and the site of Gabriel Prosser’s slave rebellion in 1800.

While certain to prompt a fresh wave of “so much for the tolerant left” complaints from angry conservatives, the mantra of those resisting the white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups newly empowered by the Trump administration been “Make Racists Afraid Again” – and this provocative demonstration certainly accomplishes that.

Watch the group’s message here:

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