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New York City Subways Just Brilliantly Trolled Trump In A Very Public Way

New York City Subways Just Brilliantly Trolled Trump In A Very Public Way

Everyone knows the “If you see something, say something” campaign that was born out of the 9/11 attacks in New York City. For nearly a decade, those ads have become ubiquitous around America’s biggest city. This week, some of the banners on the subway have been replaced with a more subversive and subtler version that takes aim at Washington, D.C.

While the ads maintain the underlying theme of reporting suspicious bags or packages – and even include a telephone number to report Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) safety issues – they go a step further in encouraging people to keep their eyes open in the face of all suspicious activity, including that which occurs in Washington, D.C.

The ads also feature “#RESIST,” a universal slogan to denote opposition to the Trump administration and its draconian policies, as well as those who support it.

The campaign is even refreshingly self-aware, with one quote reading, “I wish everyone reported suspicious stuff like I did. But I don’t fool myself. I just try to stay happy even though I know some activity, like people tampering with subway ads, is going to slip by.”

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Because of the Trump administration, it seems that indifference to what goes on in the nation’s Capitol has come to an end. The President and his party may have thought that the 2016 election meant carte blanche for their agenda, but it is obvious now that Americans are finally watching their politicians and ready to make their voices heard– from subway banners to the voting booths.

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