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Trump Education Secretary DeVos Just Threw College Rape Survivors Under the Bus

Trump Education Secretary DeVos Just Threw College Rape Survivors Under the Bus

The billionaire Trump campaign donor, Betsy Devos, whom the president appointed Education Secretary, delivered a speech this morning that seemed to decry campus rape.

However, the speech culminated with an announcement that the Trump administration is rolling back Title IX guidelines for sexual assault survivors around the country.

DeVos, the sister of Blackwater founder and Putin friend, Erik Prince, defended the unpopular policy move, citing that current protections “turn a survivor into a victim” and fail “those denied due process.”

In doing so, she runs the risk of implying that helping on-campus rape survivors turns them into victims and leaves rapists open to facing the consequences of their actions.

This comes on the heels of her meeting with “Men’s Rights” activists, a faction that includes white supremacists, like the famous “weeping Nazi,” Christopher Cantwell.

A senior Cabinet member taking a meeting with what is essentially a feeder organization to white nationalist groups  just contributes to the mounting evidence that the Trump administration sides with white supremacists.

To make matters worse, by ostensibly defending campus rapists and throwing survivors under the bus, the administration is pouring salt on the wounds of Trump’s own sexual assault accusers, as well as the millions of women around the country triggered by the president’s boasts of grabbing women by their genitalia.

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