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Florida Republican Party Just Found Out They Elected An Attempted Murderer

Florida Republican Party Just Found Out They Elected An Attempted Murderer

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Today, the national political blog, BoingBoing picked up a local story from yesterday’s Miami Herald, revealing that the recently elected Board Secretary of Broward County’s Republican Party once clubbed his female prep school classmate’s head at least forty times with a claw hammer.

According to a report by Jose Lambiet of the Herald, Tarsey then choked her, dragged her from his car, and left her bleeding from her skull in a driveway.

“Rupert Ditsworth,” formerly Rupert Tarsey, is now 28 and a recent Trump campaign volunteer.  But ten years ago, he was charged with attempted murder for his brutal attack.

His victim, Elizabeth Barcay, survived and ended up attending their high school prom in a wheelchair.

Broward County’s Republican Party executive board elected him Secretary four months ago in a three-way race in Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’ Democratic stronghold.

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Upon discovering the true identity of their latest rising star, the Florida Republican Party urged Tarsey, grandson of Las Vegas Dunes hotel owner Jason Tarsey, to resign.

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The married father of two (with one on the way) opined to the Miami Herald:

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“Why should I resign,” he asked in an exclusive interview from his $2 million beachfront condo. “I did nothing wrong and I was elected. This is just party politics.”

Tasey grew up in Beverly Hills and attended Los Angeles’ most elite high school, Harvard-Westlake, where he invited Ms. Barcay to ride home in his car after an exam, then “eventually parked the car and allegedly pulled a hammer from a backpack.”

After the attempted murder charge was dismissed in juvenile court, local prosecutors tried again for a conviction in adult court, but Tarsey pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor, saying that though he was 6’2,” he committed the brutal assault “in self-defense.”

“It’s not the charges that matter,” said Tarsey.  “It’s what happens in court.”

Like Trump, the accused sexual predator he supports, Tarsey seems to believe his money makes him above the law and unanswerable for his actions.



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