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Trump Just Tweeted About Republican “Death Wish” In A Friday Morning Rant

Trump Just Tweeted About Republican “Death Wish” In A Friday Morning Rant

President Trump took to Twitter this morning to attack Republicans.

You read that right, Republicans. (Tweets below.)

On the surface it appears that Trump may be working to strike a bipartisan tone, agreeing to Democrats plan to deliver Hurricane Harvey aid and raise the debt ceiling, sending out a tweet to reassure Dreamers at the request of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and now jabbing his own party’s leaders.

The truth however, seems far less strategic. Trump, who claims to be a master dealmaker, has begun caving to Democrats’ demands and gotten nothing in return. Meanwhile he has publicly humiliated his fellow Republicans, agreeing to Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s debt ceiling plan after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called it “disgraceful.”

Now, he is raking his Congressional minions over the coals for an inability to repeal Obamacare after campaign on it for seven years.

He’s right that this is a pathetic display of political ineptitude — less for the failure to deliver than the error of promising to steal healthcare — but can you think of anyone else who campaigned on repealing Obamacare and failed?

Of course: Trump himself.

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In this morning’s Twitter tantrum, Trump blames Congressional Republicans for their shared failure and points specifically to the Senate filibuster — which was not used to defeat Trumpcare.

Attacks on Republicans are well deserved, and yet Trump even manages to foul that up. But by all means, Mr. President, continue to drive the wedge. And if you feel like handing Democrats any wins for the American people before you’re impeached, we’ll happily accept.

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