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Keith Olbermann Just Laid Out Mueller’s Case For Trump’s ‘Imminent’ Impeachment

Keith Olbermann Just Laid Out Mueller’s Case For Trump’s ‘Imminent’ Impeachment

While the rest of the country has been distracted by floods, hurricanes, fires, and nuclearconfrontation, Keith Olbermann has been doggedly focusing on the latest developments in special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration and the Russian interference in last year’s election.

In the latest video in his regular GQ series “The Resistance”, Olbermann points to the recent news that Mueller’s team has gotten hold of a preliminary draft of the letter that Trump and his alt-right-hand man Stephen Miller composed to tell former FBI Director James Comey that he was fired as proof that the end of the Trump regime is near.

With an opening line like this:

“He is now almost certainly, almost unavoidably, the soon-to-be future ex-President of the United States”

there is no mistaking the significance that Olbermann is placing on this new piece of evidence. Saying that whether it takes two years or two hours to get there, the details of the memo and the White House Counsel’s response to it prove that Trump was guilty of “premeditated obstruction of justice…with a paper trail”.

Olbermann goes on to explain exactly why he thinks this is the case, with particular emphasis on the number of White House staff who are now subject to grand jury subpoenas to testify about the events and discussions leading up to Comey’s firing.

All in all, Olbermann makes a compelling case for why the discovery of this draft letter is the final nail in the coffin of the Trump presidency. See for yourself in the clip below:


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