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Sources Just Revealed Trump’s Attorney General Wants To Polygraph National Security Council

Sources Just Revealed Trump’s Attorney General Wants To Polygraph National Security Council

“Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep.”

Not since the Nixon era when the lines above were written have we had an administration as deeply and truly paranoid as the current one. What is it that the good cop always says when he’s questioning the suspects on police procedurals? “Don’t worry. If you haven’t done something wrong, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.”

By that measure, the Trump administration is hiding some deep, dark secrets, because their level of suspicion exceeds all normal response.

The latest example is the Axios report today that Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering subjecting the entire National Security Council to polygraph tests in order to ferret out the weasels who are leaking embarrassing details of the administration’s amateur attempts at governing, including the transcripts of his laugh-a-minute conversations with foreign dignitaries like Australian Prime MInister Malcolm Turnbull and Mexican President Peña Nieto.

While conducting lie-detector tests to ascertain the loyalty of your senior security appointees sounds like something cooked up in a third-world dictatorship, according to Axios, Sessions mentioned the idea to multiple people in the last few weeks.

The logistics of interrogating all of the over 100 people on the NSC staff, even about a narrow, single issue, may prove too daunting for Sessions to go through with the idea, but the Attorney General believes that the universe of people who had access to the information is small enough that the simple idea of such a probe would frighten the leakers enough to prevent future incidents.

Of course, the people who are the targets of his proposed polygraph tests are the nation’s top security experts. If they aren’t skilled enough to cover their tracks when leaking classified information, they really have no business being on the National Security Council. Or else they are the President, in the Oval Office, with the Russian ambassador.

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On the other hand, perhaps the administration can make lie detector tests standard procedure in the administration. If Sessions is allowed to polygraph the NSC, why not make Trump get hooked up to the device every time he gives a press conference, or a speech, or posts on Twitter? It could prove very helpful in ascertaining if the president EVER tells the truth.

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