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Trump Just Exploited Hurricane Irma At Camp David Cabinet Meeting

Trump Just Exploited Hurricane Irma At Camp David Cabinet Meeting

If one needs any proof that living under the Trump administration is like living in Bizarro World where everything is the opposite of how things work in the real world, President Trump’s opening declaration today at his cabinet meeting will provide it.

After a long preamble dedicated to describing the death and devastation caused by the one-two punch of Hurricane Harvey, closely followed by Hurricane Irma, and detailing the government response to it, Trump used the calamities as the reason that Congress needs to speed up its efforts to cut taxes.

Normally, when a disaster wipes out homes, destroys power systems, and generally reduces large swaths of land to uninhabitable rubble, leaving people homeless, penniless, and jobless due to the destruction of their workplaces, the situation requires a massive relief plan, including funding from the federal government to help kick start recovery.

Given the massive federal deficit, primarily caused by the Bush administration’s tax cuts for the wealthy paired with the treasury-draining wars in Afganistan and Iraq, it seems that a rational policy would be at minimum to implement a one-time tax surcharge on the wealthiest Americans who can easily afford to contribute more to helping rebuild the country and help the unfortunate victims of the hurricanes.

Instead, Trump is proposing to continue with the already oft-disproven policy of trickle down economics by cutting taxes for the rich and for corporations while repeating the obvious lie that America is the most taxed nation in the world.

Trump’s budget proposal actually cuts funding for the very agencies that have been so crucial in hurricane forecasting and disaster relief during the past few weeks, and Trump’s undermining of the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency, his withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, and the Republican party’s overall denial of human effects on climate change are all the exact opposite of how rational human beings would respond to mounting evidence of the imminent destruction of our planet’s human habitability.

No wonder so many people feel like they have suddenly been transported to Bizarro World.

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