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Chelsea Clinton Just Shared A ‘Beautiful’ Open Letter To Hurricane Victims On Twitter

Chelsea Clinton Just Shared A ‘Beautiful’ Open Letter To Hurricane Victims On Twitter

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects on Texas, the Houston Chronicle published a full-page ad from the people of New Orleans, Louisiana dedicated to the Lone Star State, which Chelsea Clinton shared onto Twitter.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in what became the costliest storm in American history, with a bill of $108 billion. It was also the 3rd deadliest storm in American history, resulting in 1,200 deaths. There were, of course, thousands of displaced Louisianans, many of whom sought refuge in neighboring states. Texas more than did its part taking in those evacuees.

“Twelve years ago, you took in hundreds of thousands of us. You opened your homes, closets, and kitchens. You found schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over. Some of us are stil there. And when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen. Keep our city and traditions alive,” the op-ed read.

Now, as Texas recovers from what FEMA Director William “Brock” Long has called the “worst storm in Texas history,” New Orleans is paying it forward. “Our doors are open,” the op-ed reads. “We promise to always share what we have.”

Of course, what would be a message between Texas and Lousiana without some neighborly teasing.

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“Soon, home will feel like home again, even if it seems like a lifetime away. We’ll be battling for football recruits under the Friday night lights. You’ll tell us to stop trying to barbeque. [sic] We’ll tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have the real thing. But for as long as you need, we’re here to help.”

This is what neighbors look like. This is what friendship looks like. This is what America looks like.

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