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A Female Republican Candidate Just Learned A Hard Lesson About Her Party’s Sexism

A Female Republican Candidate Just Learned A Hard Lesson About Her Party’s Sexism

Republican Ohio State House of Representatives  candidate, Ann Becker, just found out how sexist her party really is.

When asking her colleague, Republican State Central Committee Chairman Chris Wunnenberg, for his endorsement, she was greeted with the unbelievably anachronistic and offensive question, “How would you handle the workload and time commitment of a state (representative) while your children are still in school and require a lot of your time?” according to the Dayton Daily News.

Ms. Becker, who is currently the State GOP Central Committeewoman representing Butler County, told the county’s Journal-News that she was “extremely disappointed” in her fellow committee member for “singling me out as the only woman and mother asking for the recommendation and disappointed in my fellow candidates for not standing up for me.”

As if men who run for office don’t also have families.  But it seems the Republican sees a woman’s place as in the home.

Becker went on to say, “As a mother, I’m perfectly suited for politics — tough, organized and able to watch what’s happening.”

Wunnenberg made the excuse that he hadn’t “done much censoring” of anonymous questions from different committee members.

Of 99 Ohio statehouse members, only 23 are women, now that Margy Conditt, the woman Becker is running to replace, has stepped down.

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You would think the Ohio Republican Party would be happy to add a woman to their ranks.  But as their hostile question clearly exhibits, they are living in the past.

Perhaps Ms. Becker should switch her allegiances to a more forward-thinking party.




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