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A Florida Republican Just Erupted In Laughter, Unleashed On Trump’s EPA Chief Live On Air

A Florida Republican Just Erupted In Laughter, Unleashed On Trump’s EPA Chief Live On Air

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Penny Taylor, the chair of Collier County Commission, could not contain her laughter when faced with Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency Administrator’s comment that “the time to talk about climate change isn’t now.”

“Where is this man? Get him here! There’s never been a storm acting like Irma did in the Atlantic. … The scientists say our storms are going to get stronger, they’re going to come at us with more frequency, there’s more water pushed in…”

“There will always be the doubters, but I think rational people in quieter moments will understand that this isn’t the end of the world but, my gosh, we have to prepare,” she added. “There has to be an adaptation technologically to accept the fact that the sea level is going to get higher.”

Pruitt’s remark, of course, is transparently disingenuous; the current Administrator of the EPA – a longtime and outspoken critic of the agency he now leads – has built his career as an advocate for the fossil fuel industry. He has no intention of ever discussing the dangers of climate change, and would rather posture behind tenuous claims that discussing climate change on the heels of a storm exacerbated by climate change is somehow politicizing the tragedy.

In reality – a state often at odds with the Trump administration – Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm to ever form in the Atlantic, which came on the heels of Hurricane Harvey, a storm that the FEMA Director called the “worst storm in Texas history,” is the perfect launching point for a discussion on the dangerous effects of climate change and the steps that need to be taken immediately to protect ourselves.

In the meantime, the aforementioned “rational people” won’t be able to help but laugh in the faces of those who try to claim otherwise.

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