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A Pro-Confederate Lunatic Just Tried To Run Over Anti-Trump Protestors With His Truck

A Pro-Confederate Lunatic Just Tried To Run Over Anti-Trump Protestors With His Truck

It seems that hardly a week passes without a violent reminder of the hateful forces that Trump has unleashed upon this country. The worst elements of our society have been emboldened to not only showcase Confederate flags, but even Nazi ones, proudly waving their violent bigotry for all to see.

This past weekend, a man tried to run over Anti-Trump counter-protesters with his truck in Vancouver, Washington. The vehicle was displaying a Confederate flag decal, leaving no ambiguity as to the motivations and beliefs of the attempted murderer, reports The Willamette Week.

The counter-protesters were there to oppose a “Patriot Prayer” rally, an event organized by a far-right organization. When they saw the man driving past, with his decal celebrating the traitorous, slaveholding south, they began to pelt the vehicle with rocks and water bottles. Enraged, the man threw his truck in reverse and attempted to run the counter-protesters over.

The bystanders were able to avoid the truck, and police arrived shortly after and detained the man. After the police handcuffed him, members of the far-right group the Proud Boys drove past and shot pepper spray out their windows at the counter-protesters. The Proud Boys were detained, but shortly after released. Reportedly, they soon after crashed into a police car. The driver of the truck was later released by police without arrest.


While the counter-protestors decision to hurl things at a passing truck is indefensible, the man’s response is even more so. One can’t help but be reminded of the tragic events of Charlottesville, in which peaceful activist Heather Heyer was run over and killed by a white supremacist terrorist.

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The event is just the latest in a rising tide of violent interactions between the right and the left. President Trump has done little to mend the divide, going as far as stoking the flames himself by defending the actions of Neo-Nazis. Until some kind of sanity and leadership is restored to the White House, incidents like this will continue to occur.

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