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A Russian Politician Just Bragged On Live TV That Russian Intel ‘Stole’ The U.S. Presidency

A Russian Politician Just Bragged On Live TV That Russian Intel ‘Stole’ The U.S. Presidency

Russia wanted Donald J. Trump to be president. Vladimir Putin threw the full weight of his nation behind efforts to spread misinformation and attack Hillary Clinton.

Whether or not the Trump campaign was complicit in the Russian efforts is a question that special counsel Robert Mueller is still looking into, but there is no denying that our democratic process was corrupted this past election cycle. We suffered an unprecedented and historically significant attack, and have thus far failed to respond accordingly.

While Putin has denied any hand in election shenanigans, it appears that some members of the Russian government didn’t get the memo to deny their involvement.

Investigative journalist Julia Davis pointed out that Vyacheslav Nikonov, a member of the Russian Duma, their legislative body, appeared on Russian television and stated that Russia elected Donald Trump.

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The show was a panel discussion focused on declining American power in the world, reports The Hill. The fact that a Russian politician feels comfortable appearing on television and touting the degradation of our election is stunning and demonstrates how little the Russian Federation fears reprisal from President Trump

Our cowardly leader has failed to condemn the Russian actions and has even taken steps to cast aspersions on U.S. intelligence services, questioning their consensus that Russia was behind the interference. Putin wanted a weak man in the Oval Office, and he got exactly what he wanted.

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