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The Internet Just Noticed An Embarrassing Problem With This Trump Jr Photo

The Internet Just Noticed An Embarrassing Problem With This Trump Jr Photo

Donald Trump, Jr. is getting destroyed on social media after a New York Times article featured a photo of him that’s ridiculously, callously, shamelessly staged.

The Times published the article last week in the build-up to the President’s son’s much anticipated closed door meeting with the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Senator’s wanted to discuss his now infamous meeting at Trump Tower with multiple associates linked to the Kremlin.

As the Times story points out, the meeting is a bad sign for the younger Donald Trump, who now finds himself in the crosshairs of congressional investigators digging into the Trump-Russia scandal.

“The closed-door interview is the clearest indication yet that the Senate Judiciary Committee — after months of being eclipsed by the Senate and House intelligence committees — is emerging into a higher-profile role in investigating the president, his family and his associates in the coming months,” The Times reports.

Few details about the meeting emerged, and the substance of last week’s Times article will soon be forgotten.  But the photo, shot in February for a different Times feature, appears set to live on in social media eternity.

Why?  Because it illustrates better than any single image how narcissistic, self aware and staged the lives of the members of the Trump family all are.

See the problem?  The photos of his wife and five kids are all facing outwards!  Who puts photos on their desk facing outwards, let alone of their wife and kids!

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Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and concede that the photos were there all along – and not collecting dust in a box somewhere before the photoshoot – the blatant choreography of their arrangement and placement for the photo shoot reveal Trump Jr.’s desperate desire to be seen as his own man.

The fruit doesn’t fall far from the narcissist tree. You can read some of the scathing social media reactions to the photo here.

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