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A Republican Lawmaker Just Called For Anti-Trump Protestors To Be Raped In Prison

A Republican Lawmaker Just Called For Anti-Trump Protestors To Be Raped In Prison

Buzz is growing today on social media because a State Representative from Minnesota fired out a tweet advocating the prison rape of protestors in Portland who were rallying against a pro-Trump conservative group.

Apparently, the protestors were members of the anti-facist movement and were  “throwing irritant smoke and projectiles at police.”

State Rep. Pat Garofalo’s tweet stand as a clear incitement to violence against those who fight Fascism.  It would seem he is taking his cues from his Republican overlord, Donald Trump.

To make matters worse, he denied calling for the rape of protestors, despite the fact that anyone on Twitter could see his tweet.  Lashing out at his Democratic rivals in Minnesota’s liberal DFL Caucus, Garofalo said they were “making stuff up” in criticizing his tweet.

His denials of what anyone can plainly see are just another example of Republican gaslighting in the age of Trump.  Anyone who has seen the movie “Deliverance” knows what “alone time with Bubba” means.

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While the State Representative’s tweet is an unmistakable call for violence against protestors, it’s also a classist stereotype offensive to poor white Americans. Garofalo has a track record of offensive tweets, having posted this gem in 2014: “Let’s be honest, 70% of teams in NBA could fold tomorrow + nobody would notice a difference w/ possible exception of an increase in street crime.”

Clearly, this Minnesota lawmaker is following in the footsteps of the face of his party, Donald Trump, who brags about sexual assault, offers to pay the legal bills of those who perform violence in his name, and advocates police brutality.

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