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Sean Spicer Just Responded To Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy Win In Cringeworthy Interview

Sean Spicer Just Responded To Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy Win In Cringeworthy Interview

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Over the weekend, Melissa McCarthy won a Creative Arts Emmy award in the category of “best guest actress in a comedy series” for playing former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live. McCarthy’s impression was immensely popular, and clips of her playing the embittered, combative Spicer repeatedly went viral.

Now, Spicer has responded to McCarthy’s win. reports that Spicer was asked for his thoughts on the development and responded that he and McCarthy should share the award.

“Were you honored or offended at the portrayal of you that Melissa McCarthy did of you on SNL?” a man asked Spicer as he exited an Amtrak station Washington, D.C.

“The first one was funny,” Spicer responded, visibly uncomfortable as the man follows him with a camera.

“Hey, Sean she just won an Emmy award for the portrayal of you on SNL. Do you think she owes you part of that award?” the man asked.

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“I think we should share it,” Spicer answered. Spicer was then asked if he would host SNL if asked. Spicer said if asked, he would have a conversation about it. It seems unlikely to happen, as networks seem less than eager to employ the disgraced ex-White House Staffer. CNN previously said they would not be offering him a job.

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“Who got the most laughs in the White House out of the SNL skits? You or Kellyanne Conway?” the man asks Spicer. Conway — Trump’s former campaign manager and current Counselor — was the creator of the now-infamous inane phrase “alternative facts” and served as a recurring target of ridicule on SNL.

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“Great question. Let’s see. I’m out first, so hopefully, I did,” Spicer said. The implication seems to be that he expects Conway to be ousted at some point.

When asked if the president joined conversations about the skits, Spicer said he thinks the president has a “great sense of humor,” and that they all laughed together sometimes about the show. It seems unlikely to be true, as Trump is infamously incapable of laughing at himself, and possesses a thin-skin when it comes to himself and his team.

The video ends with Spicer signing an autograph for a man, who reprimands Spicer for doing a poor job of it.

Watch some of McCarthy’s greatest hits below:



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