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Trump Just Woke And Launched A Bizarre Twitter Rant About Books

Trump Just Woke And Launched A Bizarre Twitter Rant About Books

Donald J. Trump doesn’t like to read. Perhaps the words strain his beady little eyes, or perhaps his attention span is permanently rewired from all the trashy television he habitually watches.

With his distaste for literature in mind, one can’t help but wring a delicious irony from his whining, early morning tweet, in which he lambasted books and articles, all of which he presumably has not read.


The tweet was almost certainly precipitated by Katy Tur’s new book Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat To The Craziest Campaign In American History. The NBC News correspondent’s memoir recalls the year and a half she spent following around and reporting on the Trump campaign, giving a primary source look at the blustery reality television star and his closest staff.

According to a review by The Washington Post, the book largely deals with the indignities Tur suffered as a woman covering a deeply misogynist candidate, and the personal grudge Trump himself developed against her. He called her “little Katy” and other diminutive, sexist pet names. By all accounts, it’s a decidedly unflattering portrait of our chauvinist pig of a president.

Since Trump used the plural “books” he might also be taking a shot at Devil’s Bargain: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Storming of the Presidency, a book by Bloomberg Business reporter Joshua Green, another reporter with firsthand experience on the campaign trail. It paints Trump as unhinged and incompetent.

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As far as articles go, almost every one of the thousands published makes Trump look bad because he is bad. If he doesn’t want his fragile little ego bruised, he should stay away from the printed word and stick to watching his FOX News propaganda.

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