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Trump Just Launched A Petty, Obsessive Attack On Hillary Clinton On Twitter

Trump Just Launched A Petty, Obsessive Attack On Hillary Clinton On Twitter

After nearly eight months in office, Trump is still speaking out against former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Tonight, the President again launched an unprovoked attack on his 2016 rival on Twitter.

In his tweets, Trump attempts to downplay the significant factors that Hillary cited as having influenced the outcome of the election, including the unprecedented announcement of former FBI Director James Comey so close to the election; sexism; the media’s infatuation with an e-mail “scandal” that was put to rest after an exhaustive investigation; a right-wing media intent on smearing her at every turn; the mainstream media’s wall-to-wall, free coverage of Donald Trump; a Republican rival with no intention to respect facts; and Russian collusion into our election. Trump may try to downplay these issues, but that doesn’t eliminate their existence.

Finally, in claiming that the “deplorables” came back to haunt Hillary, Trump overlooks the fact that Hillary won the popular vote by nearly three million votes. That is hardly the victory for the “deplorables” that the President alludes to. That being said, Trump has never been one for facts, and his tweets are evidence of that.

After 236 days in office, with no major legislative accomplishments to boast of, Trump should consider governing, as opposed to reliving an election that occurred almost a year ago.

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