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FOX News Just Held A Panel On White Supremacy, But There’s A Big Problem

FOX News Just Held A Panel On White Supremacy, But There’s A Big Problem

Yesterday, the White House demanded that Jemele Hill, an ESPN columnist who rightfully labeled President Trump a white supremacist, be fired for her criticism of the President.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ demands sparked a tidal wave of backlash from defenders of the First Amendment and people up in arms about the White House trying to silence critics of color.

So naturally, FOX News’ official Trump propagandist assembled a diverse panel to discuss how in fact Trump was not a racist and how really inappropriate it is to call him a racist.

The team of white women assembled above is Gin Loudon, a Tea Party founder and a self-certified “psychology expert,” commentator Danielle McLaughlin, and infuriatingly smug pundit Tomi Lahren.

Unsurprisingly, they took issue with the description of Trump as a racist.

“The most amazing thing and I can’t take it anymore, Danielle. I don’t like that conservative, that the president — this is a lie, and this is a narrative that happens every two years and every four years, ‘Republicans, conservatives, the president are racist, sexist, misogynistic’ — you know what, stop lying about who we are” complained Hannity.

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The above image is a perfect representation of how the conservative media perpetuates white supremacy by refusing to allow any voices of color or any real dissenting opinions in their lineups.

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