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Trump Just Blamed ‘Both Sides’ Again For C’ville. A Black GOP Senator’s Response Is Great

Trump Just Blamed ‘Both Sides’ Again For C’ville. A Black GOP Senator’s Response Is Great

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A day after Donald Trump’s 40-minute Oval Office meeting with Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who is currently the only African American serving in the Senate, the president told reporters aboard Air Force One on the way back from Florida what a “great talk” they had.

“I think especially in light of the advent of Antifa,” Trump told the reporters, “if you look at what’s going on there, you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also, and essentially that’s what I said.

Trump was using his recollection of the conversation with Scott to defend his much-maligned remarks after Charlottesville comparing the KKK, Nazi and white supremacist protesters to the counter-protesters, saying there were good and bad people on both sides.

“Now, because of what’s happened since then with Antifa,” said Trump, “when you look at really what’s happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying – and people have actually written – ‘Gee, Trump may have a point.'”

Despite the president’s memory of their conversation, Scott is not one of those. 

The Senator put out his own statement today in response to Trump’s version.

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“In yesterday’s meeting,” said Scott in his statement, “Senator Scott was very, very clear about the brutal history surrounding the white supremacist movement and their horrific treatment of black and other minority groups.

… the KKK and white supremacist groups have been killing and tormenting black Americans for centuries. There is no realistic comparison. Period.”

Scott said he didn’t expect Trump to suddenly change, and praised him for supporting the Senator’s legislation, the Investing in Opportunity Act, but the message was clear.

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Trump has not changed and what he said about there being good and bad people on both sides still is wrong in the Senators view.

The Senator’s statement did not make note that a photo with Trump released after the Wednesday meeting by the White House got his name wrong, identifying him as “Tom” instead of Tim Scott.

As usual, that is not the only thing about the meeting Trump got wrong. He likes to twist things to make himself the hero but in this case he shows once again he is still the same racist fool he has always been.



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