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Trump Just Called Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare A ‘Curse.’ Bernie’s Response Is EPIC

Trump Just Called Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare A ‘Curse.’ Bernie’s Response Is EPIC

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As support grows for Bernie Sander’s call for a national single payer health care plan – what some call Medicare for all – President Trump took to Twitter today to make it clear he would never approve if it were somehow to reach his desk.

Sanders quickly responded to Trump’s tweet storm.

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That gets to the heart of the issue. Sanders and Democrats believe affordable healthcare should be available to all Americans, regardless of their wealth, status or even citizenship, while Trump and the conservative Republicans want to limit health care to those who can afford it.

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That was clear in the efforts to pass TrumpCare to replace ObamaCare, which luckily failed in the U.S. Senate.

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It was that battle which finally made Americans wake up to the health crisis and that has opened the door for Sander’s effort to make sure everyone get care.

If America can afford to spend trillions on foreign wars it can afford to spend what it takes to make sure we all have good health care as a right, not a privilege.  

The idea of universal health care that everyone can afford has long been Sanders dream.

Senator Al Franken of Minnesota is among some 15 Democratic Senators who are joining with Sanders in this effort.

“Health care is a right. It’s not a privilege,” Franken said today. “Like Senator Paul Wellstone did, I’ve always believed that every person in this country deserves health care.”

“I’m supporting Senator Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” plan because it sets down an important marker,” added Franken. “It is aspirational — this is where we need to go as a nation.”

Trump supporters worry about the cost but ignore the cost of caring for the sick or the cost of seeing friends and family die because they can’t get or can’t afford health care.

The rich people who slam Sander’s plan as socialism are never going to have to worry because they can afford the best care anywhere in the world.

Sander’s plan is for the rest of America, the working people, the elderly, those with preconditions, who face enormous costs for health insurance and medicines.

This is a fight not just for health care but for the soul of America. Are we going to be a nation where only the rich can buy good care or are we a compassionate nation that will take care of everyone?

The sides have now formed with Sanders leading the charge and Trump at the gates promising he will never let it happen.

Ultimately it will be up to the voters to sort this out, which is going to take years, but it must happen because this is truly a life and death issue. 



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