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Trump Just Tweeted About DACA. The Response From His Fans Is Hilarious

Trump Just Tweeted About DACA. The Response From His Fans Is Hilarious

Trump’s absurdly short attention span is making it difficult for him to govern with anything even approaching consistency. His xenophobic pandering announcement that he would be repealing DACA, endangering 800,000 immigrants who have lived here since they were children, seemed like a brash, spur-of-the-moment thing.

The president was trashed in the media for his racist decision, and it seems like the bad press has gotten to him since today he took to Twitter to backtrack. For once, Trump made a truthful statement, pointing out that deporting DREAMers would have a disastrous effect on the American economy.

Trump’s sudden reversal and defense of DACA has infuriated the racists and bigots who voted for him. His momentary straying from pushing a white supremacist agenda is unacceptable to them.

Former Trump supporter and conservative blowhard Ann Coulter was less than impressed with Trump’s tweets.

Former congressman and professional idiot Joe Walsh also weighed in.

Plenty of other ignorant hate-filled people chimed in.

Trump’s hateful little supporters are learning that he has no real beliefs, and hzero loyalty to anyone but himself. They voted for him to be racist (which he is) but they expected him to be consistent, which he is incapable of being. Serves them right.

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