The British Prime Minister Just Fired Back At Trump Over His Wild London Terror Tweets

The President of the United States showed his disturbing inability to restrain himself this morning when he began recklessly tweeting about the “bucket bomb” that detonated on the British Underground this morning, causing a few injuries to those around it.

President Trump took to Twitter and declared that it was a “terror” attack without having official confirmation from British security services, and declared that Scotland Yard (The British equivalent of the FBI) already had had their “sights” on him.

This means that the President of the United States either just released classified information on Twitter for millions to see, or he’s just making things up again to sound smart.

Prime Minister Theresa May addressed his comments in an interview with the BBC, noting with frustrated resignation that it’s never helpful for anyone to speculate.

Once again, President Trump has successfully alienated one of our closest allies by jumping the gun and recklessly tweeting unconfirmed nonsense that just makes the job of British intelligence services harder.

Shame on him.