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A Racist Firefighter Just Made A Disgusting Comment About Rescuing Black People

A Racist Firefighter Just Made A Disgusting Comment About Rescuing Black People

The racism that has long been festering beneath the skin of the American Experiment came bubbling to the surface with the election of Donald J. Trump, the first candidate to truly, publicly embrace white supremacist ideology. Now the world is getting a glimpse at the hateful troglodytes inhabiting every stratum of our society.

An Ohio firefighter has been suspended after posting file racist comments to Facebook, local news affiliate WHIO 7 reports. Tyler Roysdon, the man in question, has been suspended indefinitely, with an official hearing from the Franklin Township Fire Department on September 27th.

Roysdon has since deleted the post, which implied that he would choose to save a dog from a burning building before he’d rescue a black man. He gleefully used the n-word.

The fire department’s Facebook page was flooded with complaints, and eventually, they released an official statement.

“Recently, a Franklin Township volunteer firefighter posted unacceptable remarks on social media.  Upon gaining knowledge of this information, Fire Chief Steve Bishop immediately contacted the firefighter and directed the comments be removed.  The firefighter was suspended without pay until the Board of Township Trustees could meet to determine a course of action.  Chief Bishop does not have the authority to terminate employees.  Termination of any township employee requires a vote by the Board of Trustees,” it said.

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Unfortunately, Roysdon’s disgusting comments are just the latest example of hateful people emboldened by the Trump regime to voice and act on their prejudices. These people have always existed and thought this way, but until recently they were rightfully frightened to be too vocal.

Trump has given them carte blanche to indulge their worst impulses. It’s up to every patriotic, good American to denounce these people at every turn, out them for their beliefs, and once again marginalize them. People like Roysdon are dangerous and can’t be given any positions of power or responsibility.

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