Video Just Surfaced Of A Man Trying To Run Over Peaceful Police Brutality Protesters In His SUV

A white man just tried to drive his car through a crowd of Black Lives Matter protestors in a St. Louis suburb, marking the third attempt in two months at mass vehicular homicide by white males against those protesting white supremacy in America.

Activists in Kirkwood, Missouri, were out in force last night over the acquittal of Officer Jason Stockley for murdering a black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, and planting a gun on his body.

The man was seen speaking with police officers before hitting the gas and wailing on the horn, forcing protestors to dive for cover as they narrowly avoided being crushed by the SUV.

The man was allowed to drive away with no reaction from the police, which is just more evidence that the St. Louis Police Department has a very serious racism problem.

Black men in St. Louis are killed by police at a rate of 9 per 100,000, when the murder rate for the entire country is 5 in 100,000. These protestors have every right to be furious – and the refusal of the police to deal with the man who nearly killed several people speaks volumes about who they’re really protecting and serving.