A Conservative Radio Host Just Tried To Ambush Elizabeth Warren And She Made Him Regret It

Right wing radio host Jeff Kuhner thought he had his moment. He asked Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for a photo and turned her kindness into an ambush, accusing her of hypocrisy for simultaneously opposing wealth inequality and making money herself.

It did not go as he planned. (Video below.)

The progressive champion calmly explained that she grew up with no money, but because she lived in a country that invested in opportunities for children, she was able to attain success. Her fight, she said, was to build an America that guarantees equal opportunity to kids like her through fair investments that reward work rather than wealth.

She came off rational, compassionate, and wise. Of course, the right-wing mouth piece was unmoved by her slam dunk argument, and seemed almost oblivious to the fact that he had just been owned.

He repeated his attack until Senator Warren just walked away. Some people are immune to logic and reason. The more leaders like Warren make their argument, however, the more rational people are moving to our side.

So by all means, keep asking your questions, Kuhners of the world. Progressives have the answers.

Sheila Norton

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