Senate Republicans Just Launched A Last Ditch Obamacare Repeal And It’s Even Worse Than Before

Now that Americans have had time to live with Obamacare and President Trump, the results are undeniable: A clear majority supports Obamacare while Trump is the least popular first-year president in U.S. history.

And yet, Republicans in Congress remain desperate to repeal the life-saving law in order to give wealthy Americans more a larger tax cut.

The Senate has until September 30 to pass a healthcare bill under budget reconciliation rules that allows for passage by simple majority. After that, the 60-vote threshold ensures that Obamacare will remain the law of the land (until Democrats win enough elections to enact Medicare for All).

While the effort is incredibly misguided, it is dangerous for two reasons. First, Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey has endorsed the latest plan, Graham-Cassidy, opening the door for Senate John McCain (R-AZ) to flip his vote and swing the Senate toward approval.

Second, as bad as previous Obamacare repeals have been, the revamped Trumpcare proposal is even worse than previous incarnations. Below is a synopsis from Andy Slavitt who ran the Affordable Care Act, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, for President Obama:

(Click to enlarge.)

There is no overstating the disastrous consequences if this bill were to become law. Lives would be lost and livelihoods ruined. We have beaten Trumpcare before and we can do it again, but we have to fight back with everything we’ve got for the next 12 days.

Call your Senators today at 202.224.3121, and tell them lives depend on their continued opposition to this Trumpcare disaster — and so do their jobs. 

Sheila Norton

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